JCI Logo 

The JCI Logo

Pursuit of Excellence is Jocson College guiding principle as she pursues for greater heights in academic excellence in molding her prized students to achieve their goals. This principle is vividly emphasized in the institution’s logo, which is represented by the five scholastic images


The Eagle with its wings outstretched signifies the institution’s will in implementing the educational standards and legacy as one of the reputable colleges in the country. 


The Torch strongly announces the firm commitment of the institution towards quality education as reflected in her vision and mission.


The Laurel represents the institution’s pride in producing enlightened, God-fearing, law-abiding and competitive graduates throughout the years of her existence. 


The Wheel speaks of the institution’s trademark as the first Technical-Vocational school in Angeles City.


The Book which spread open indicates that JCI education is applied not wasted.