Jocson College was established in 1950. Started with 20 students, the school then was located at the ground floor of a rented building near the public market of Angeles City. In time, her students gradually increased, and through the support of the surrounding communities, Jocson College eventually moved to a bigger lot on Rizal Street where her first three-storey building was built. With her new found area, Jocson College started to make progress in the educational industry and attained a good name and offered several vocational courses, thus, earning the status of a Junior College.


In 1968, Jocson College purchased an additional lot on First Street in Balibago, Angeles City, where another three-storey building was constructed. The establishment of the Balibago branch signifies her aim for a new direction to better serve the youth of Angeles City and other immediate towns. On this school branch, mostly vocational courses were offered until June 1982.


To further embark on academic education, and with her promising location, Jocson College decided to offer Pre-elementary, elementary and secondary courses. Because of this educational expansion, new classrooms were constructed to accommodate the fast rising population in 1992.


College courses were also offered.

At Present

Jocson College maintains an ideal teacher-student ratio to facilitate a more conducive learning environment for the clientele she serves. The aim to further improve the teaching-learning process, Jocson College entered into an agreement with Learning Styles Counselor, through parental education, student diagnostic test, faculty development and curriculum development.

Becoming an active participant in inter-scholastic activities and competitions designed primarily to develop the potentials of her students. Jocson College achieved major breakthroughs in many of the competitions joined, gaining prominence particularly in Journalism, and winning other major awards.

Though Jocson College had gained a number of achievements in the past several decades, the aim for development became a consistent challenge for the management of the school, even after the time of her founder. From the simple vocational school, Jocson College eventually was transformed into a full pledged academic institution and became Jocson College Incorporated.